ISO 9001 consultants help organizations implement quality management systems and get them certified. LMG New York is one of the leading ISO 9001 consultants in the USA with offices in New York and Chicago. We offer a free, first onsite, ISO consultation and give you the exact cost and time frame of obtaining ISO 9001 certification. Whether you have a good Quality Management System in place, only needing a little help with the certification, or need to start from scratch, needing a complete implementation of ISO standards, our experienced consultants can do an ISO GAP analysis and help you with a successful implementation and certification of ISO.


It is frequently asked why go with ISO 9001 Consultant rather than doing it yourself. You may find online companies offering pre-designed templates and other forms of assistance to do your own implementation of ISO standards, however, trying to implement this system has many downsides. It can cost you much more than hiring ISO consultants in terms of your cost, resources, and outcome. Implementing the quality management system on your own may take the valuable time of top-level executives to acquire the expertise they need to properly implement the system. Also, there is no guarantee that you will be successful in getting the certification.


In order to determine whether you need ISO Consultants, you need to look at a few factors. Small organizations usually don’t have the time, expertise, resources, or manpower to implement an effective quality management system. Trying to do it yourself is not recommended as it might end up costing you a lot.  After losing a lot of your time and money on purchasing training materials, expensive software, etc., you may find it disappointing to see that you are not qualified for certification. 

Experienced ISO consultants can pinpoint the gap between your existing quality management system and fill the gap by guiding you through the process of preparing mandatory documents, internal audits, management review meetings, and come up with corrective actions. They can help you manage deadlines to help you control costs and achieve your goals quickly. Implementing a quality management system throughout your organization that is suitable for your organization can enhance the overall performance of your organization.


When you search for an ISO 9001 consultant in New York, you’ll find many options. Choosing the right consultant can be challenging. Since implementing ISO standards requires multiple onsite visits, it is recommended to choose ISO consultants close to you to keep costs manageable.

ISO 9001 Consultant

Our dedicated and well-experienced consultants have the expertise and resources to guarantee you success in the implementation and certification of ISO. We offer ISO consultation and certification assistance from our offices in New York (Serving New York, Connecticut, Boston, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Washington DC) and Chicago (Serving greater Chicago areas and suburbs).


When choosing an ISO 9001 consultant who aligns with your organization’s needs and goals, consider the following factors comprehensively:

  1. Location of the consultant:  Its advisable to find an ISO 9001 consultant who can visit you as needed.
  2. Cost of ISO 9001 Certification: Use a consultant who offers a transparent pricing model that aligns with your budget and eliminates confusion.  
  3. Experience and Expertise of the ISO 9001 Consultant: An experience consultant who understands your business can help you to meet your ISO 9001 Certification goals.


ISO Consultation fees are based on the scope, size, and complexity of your business and the certification body you choose. Our consultation service includes everything from doing a GAP analysis to the issuance of the ISO certificate. Our Service includes preparing the Quality Manual, Procedures, Forms, Records, implementing a well-documented Quality Management System, reviewing your Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), guidance and support with your internal and certification body audit, and closing of any non-conformities.

Our consultation services are very cost-effective and we always quote you a fixed fee at the beginning of the process. For example, your cost of ISO 9001 Certification starts from $8,500.00 when you use us as your ISO consultant. This price includes everything from consultation, implementation, and certification of ISO 9001.



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