Someone searching for ISO Certification New York may come across a number of companies offering ISO Certification and ISO Consultation services in New York.  If you look further into these companies, you will learn that most of them are either online-only companies, out of state or even out of country-based consultants, claiming to provide service in New York.

New York is the financial capital of the world and the largest metropolitan area in the country, with millions of small and large companies operating on its soil.  However, the number of companies offering ISO Certification New York is proportionately limited. This situation creates non-New York companies to open sales offices in New York and pretend to be a local ISO consultant. Having a sales office or a satellite office in the area will not make them a New York-based consultant. It is recommended that you research these companies and meet them in person before you make a commitment to their services or sign a contract with them.

The cost, quality, and the speed of implementing an effective and proper quality management system that is suitable for your company’s needs requires multiple visits by the consulting team and therefore it is recommended that you hire someone based in New York and not too far from you. 


LMG New York is your local ISO consultant.  We have offices in New York, New Jersey, and Chicago.   We have the experience, expertise, and resources to get you ISO certified in a cost-effective and timely fashion. Our unique process and our well-experienced consultants, on top of our close proximity to you, can fast track the process and obtain certification within your required time frame.

We are specialized in implementing various quality management systems that include, but are not limited to ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 27001, GMP, and CE Marking. Our first onsite ISO consultation is free and we give you the exact cost and time frame involved in the ISO certification process after the first visit.  


LMG provides state of the art and cutting edge solutions when it comes to ISO Certification New York. Our ISO 9001 Implementation process starts from finding the gap between your existing quality management system and applicable requirements based on ISO standards. The following is our ISO 9001 certification process:


It is convenient and cost-effective for organizations to Integrate multiple Quality Management Standards together.  For example, a medical device company may choose to implement ISO 9001, US FDA medical device GMP  (21 CFR 820), and ISO 13485 standards together if they are seeking to do business in various global markets like the US, Europe, and other countries. This approach can help you to avoid developing and maintaining multiple lists of quality management system documents and going through multiple audits.

ISO Certification New York


The time frame for ISO certification depends on many factors. A well experienced ISO consultant will pinpoint the areas you are not meeting the requirements of ISO standard and guide you through the process of meeting those requirements. For example, a well organized internal audit and management review can identify the non-conformities which in turn will help you come up with corrective actions. Approaching an ISO certification audit with a list of these non-conformities will help you pass the certification the very first time and save you time and money.

The length of the certification process can vary based on the scope of your business, number of locations, number of employees, where your organization is in terms of your current quality management system, and how well you collaborate throughout the process. Most of our clients achieve ISO 9001 Certification within 30 to 90 days. Our expedited service can even fast track the process to accommodate your individual needs.




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